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Now, don't be concerned about this! If you don't know what you need yet, just give us a call and let's talk it over. But, if your project is pretty well defined, we'll be able to respond more quickly if you provide us with the following information in an email:

What design would you like embroidered?

Is it a photograph? Is it an electronic file? If so, what format?

What would you like to embroider with your design?

Hats, jackets, shirts, bags, blankets. Take a look at our online catalog for some great ideas!

Approximately how many pieces do you want?


How soon do you want or need your items?

E-mail your questions to us at Stitches to Scenes Custom Embroidery for a free quote.
Once again, don't hesitate to just give us a call to talk things over, or just click us an email with your project needs or questions!

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